Spacewrights Status

Spacewrights development is currently halted. Following an unsuccessful modest Kickstarter campaign we tried to pull through without that. However support waned, and development slowed considerably. We have taken most of the feedback from the demo we put out for the Kickstarter and taken Spacewrights back to the drawing board by in large. That is currently where the game lies.

Internally we are trying new prototypes on different game engines, graphic styles, and game mechanics to make Spacewrights the best it can possibly be. Story details continue to be ironed out and improved. It is important to realize that all development time is done by the team in their limited free time. For the foreseeable future until we find a better game to make, Spacewrights is effectively adrift in space.

We'd like to thank all the fans that supported Spacewrights during its Kickstarter and after. We hope to give you something extra special one day when Spacewrights is reborn.

- The Spacewrights Dev Team at Arithmebit