Demo Version 06 Released

It’s been awhile since we updated the demo. We’ve been restructuring a lot stuff on a separate version of the game, but now we are consolidating some of the fixes from that version to the demo.

This is purely a minor version that fixes a few issues. You’ll also notice the links to Kickstarter/Greenlight as that is all behind us now.

I hope everyone sticks with us as we kick it back into hyperspeed with the new year and our new greenlit status. We’ve got lots of plans, but for now the changelog is to follow. Continue reading

We are Greenlit!

First off, thanks everyone for all the support. Although the Kickstarter did not succeed we’re still very excited about Getting through Steam Greenlight. Stay tuned for more information about what will be happening, because we’re very excited. We’re also preparing a new build of the demo as a thanks for supporting us through this thrilling process!

More Hypothetical Cleanup

less clutter

So continuing on the topic of cleaning up the graphics from last time, here’s the progress we’ve made. Some of this is working, other has been edited on top of a screenshot to give you a better idea of what we have in mind. We’ve moved the armor, shield, and evasion stats the the left hand side. Also now the real room icons are on the bottom where the old status bar is. That being said there’s a new idea I have for cleaning up the room icons to read better now that they are “off” the ship.

We’ve been pretty quiet since the Kickstarter ended and want to assure everyone that we’re still working while trying to figure out where to go from here. So we hope all the fans we got from the Kickstarter stay with us. We’re working in parallel on an update to the demo fixing a number of bugs, but these graphic tweaks will not be features (yet).

As the Kickstarter Ends, What’s next?

So the Kickstarter has closed with $3,521/$12,000 pledged. I could go on and on about why I think it failed, and might in the future, but for now let’s look forward.

We are continually in talks with a few publishers about securing the funds, so we’ll keep you up to date here when we can talk about that more. The Steam Greenlight campaign is still going strong as well. So the game is not canceled, we’re just adjusting plans to try to deliver everything we want still.

In the mean time we’d like to thank everyone: If you backed us, sent us an encouraging message, talked about it, or anything, thanks. You guys are amazing and we can’t thank you enough for your support; hopefully you’ll continue that as we find out what’s next for Spacewrights.

So stay tuned here on for the future of the game.

Demo Version 05 Released – Let the Modding Begin!

Version 05 of the demo has been released and is ready to download. This is a special update, it adds a new feature: modding. You can now dig around in the mods/ folder to see what mods can do and what they can add and tweak within the Spacewrights demo. The Kickstarter has slowed so we are hoping that by adding features that are requested like this we can get it back on track.

Enable Mods

Modding is not as simple as playing the game. You’ll have to get your hands dirty and edit text files. The full details are ready to read here, and there’s a brand new Mods section of the forums for everyone to share their mods and support. We encourage everyone to share their mods wherever appropriate to help spread the word of Spacewrights to get the Kickstarter funded. Furthermore we hope that by showing this rapid support of taking user feedback and implementing it quickly we can build a bigger and more trusting fanbase.

For the entire changelog keep reading, or just get right to the modding!

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Demo Version 04 Released

Thanks to everyone sending in your crash logs and feedback. This is purely to address those. If you’ve sent me a log it’s probably been fixed in this release. There’s only 2 bugs that were sent to me that have yet to be addressed (because we have yet to recreate them). We’ve also taken some feedback into account: making everything easier to unlock, buffing fires, etc.

So go get the download now, or keep reading for the changelog.

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