All the Details About the Demo, Kickstarter, and Greenlight

The Demo, Kickstarter, and Steam Greenlight campaigns are almost ready to go, so we’re excited to announce that on September 17th they should all launch simultaneously around 1pm CT.

We really hope you’ll enjoy the demo and back it. If you want more details about everything in the demo and some of the reward tiers keep reading.

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Demo RC3 Privately Released

Tons of new stuff and fixes:

  • The first time you play there will be a simple tutorial asking you to read “How to Play” with updates to that
  • Scores now save your name and show the name and difficulty on the score screen
  • A bunch of new rooms and balance updates to existing ones
  • Weapons that penetrate shields do so correctly now
  • Weapons can now be retargeted and release targets correctly
  • The AI is a little smarter
  • Added some cool graphical effects to battles
  • Sounds fixes all over
  • Bridges tell you what systems are integrated into a ship.
  • A super rare contamination might be found swarming your ship now…

And yes, this is a private release candidate build. So non testers can ignore this, or read what’s in these notes and get hyped.

This build should be very solid. All known errors have been fixed, and a few small new things were added.

Demo RC2 Released

Just an update to testers. A new version of Spacewrights is available: Demo RC2.

Bug fixes that you testers found, including:

  • Salvaging the armor plate no longer crashes
  • Lots of spelling fixes
  • Placed ships calculate your remaining cost correctly.
  • Some animations no longer crash the game if the animation is killed before it finishes (lots of bugs from this one)
  • Ship placements can be re-placed correctly all the time now

Thanks to everyone testing. Only 5 bugs were logged with about 10 hours of gameplay. So it looks to be very solid!

A note to everyone: If you are on the newest version of Google Chrome (37), the text on this website is all jacked up. Chrome switched to a new text rendering technology called Directwrite. I’ll need to deal with it to figure out why it’s suddenly so blurry and underlines are not under the text.

Addressing the Demo and Beyond

So for the demo, internally we wanted to launch the demo and crowdfunding campaign last Monday. Obviously that didn’t happen. Here’s what’s holding that up:

  • There were a lot of bugs. All the content is playable, there were just few issues that we wanted to fix, as quality is important. We’ve now fixed all the bugs we could find, so Release Candidate builds will start going out to testers later today.
  • Awaiting approval from Kickstarter to launch the campaign, and that includes Amazon Payments to handle payments. Also some finishing touches to the Kickstarter page, such as…
  • A launch trailer is needed to hype up the game and kickstarter. So you can probably expect some videos in place of GIFs soon as we edit footage together.
  • Quotes from some music consultants: Much of the money we are hoping to raise would be to pay artists to compose our music and sound effects. We are still waiting on some quotes on prices to make sure our funding goal is reasonable.

As to the topic of early access: It’s been over a week since we polled for opinions on early access and demo times. The reaction to early access was “cautiously positive”. Nearly everyone wants it, but they don’t want it to suck. So, for the time being, we will plan on some early access in some of the reward tiers for backers.

So hopefully this keeps you in the loop. Bugs suck and have lead to delays, but the time is nearly here!