Spacewrights is a tactical sci-fi 2D spaceship simulation game where you explore, build, and create a galactic empire for PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS platforms. However a large playable demo is out now to promote our now successful Steam Greenlight campaign!

Main Gameplay Mechanics
Spacewrights takes inspiration from various spaceship games, movies, and TV shows. There’s much to do in Spacewrights where the galaxy is your sandbox.

Explore the Galaxy

Solar System ExplorationThe adventure mode lets you, as the commander, explore the Spacewrights galaxy to pursue your galactic ambitions. Go it alone or invite some friends locally or online to join in your adventure. Build a galactic empire by allying, defeating, and trading with many different alien races and factions. Find secrets and new alien races to contact buried away in the most remote systems of the galaxy, or unravel a galactic conspiracy in the main story. It is your choice and your adventure.

Engage in Personal Fleet Combat

Space CombatControl multiple vessels at once with their unique systems and crew to fight off everything the galaxy can throw at you in real time. Build a carrier style ship that launches smaller fighter ships. Be a space pirate that teleports over to enemy ships to engage their crew in hand to hand combat as you plunder their cargo and steal their ships. You can even suffocate your opponents by hacking their life support systems. The choice is yours commander.

Discover New Alien Worlds

Planetary ExplorationThe galaxy is vast. Humanity and the races it has encountered have only started to scratch the surface of what is out there. Find uncontacted planets and do with them as you see fit. Raise new alien races into great space-faring races. Teleport down to the surface to explore. Search for ancient alien ruins. Hunt the local exotic alien monsters to tame for combat or sell them for profit. You can wipe out all life and mine the planets to their cores, or leave them alone but plant spies in their midst to study them for research. Their worlds are in your hands.

Negotiate to Control

Diplomacy DialogInteract with different fleets, alien races, and factions throughout the galaxy. Diplomacy, spying, and economic trade can be just as useful to crush your enemies as military strength. Communications are dynamic and ever evolving. Unlock new quests, alliances, and missions to advance the story or be the greatest terror the galaxy has ever seen.

Customize Your Fleet

Hangar PreviewEverything in your fleet can be customized. Unlock and build new ships, space stations, and planetary bases. Choose what systems to install and where by placing the rooms in the vessels by where the blocks fit using a Tetris style system. Ensure your fleet always has a crew by utilizing clones. Research new and exotic technologies for new systems to get the edge in your galactic adventures. Your fleet, your rules.

Command Your Crew

Your crew members are the lifeblood of the vessels you deploy them in. Command your crew to repair ships, control systems, board enemy ships, or go down to explore planets. Each individual being in your crew gains experience which can be used to level up them through their careers and change jobs to gain new abilities and stats to fulfill niches within your fleet.

Play How You Want

PlatformsSpacewrights will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Form factor is not a problem. Spacewrights scales from large TVs to mobile touch devices, and everything in-between. You can play on the couch with (and against) your friends, or across the internet. Just like everything else in Spacewrights, you control how and where you want to play it.

Still Interested?

Spectacular! Try the demo! Or support us on Steam Greenlight if you are already sold. The About page has more detail about the specifics of Spacewrights and its gameplay. The FAQ page contains some frequently asked questions (what a surprise). The Forums are where you can discuss the game with others.